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At Masa, we think only concrete

... and how to shape it for the building materials industry. The machines we develop and manufacture are used for the production of concrete blocks and pavers, sand-lime bricks and aerated concrete blocks. In other words, we are real concrete heads with a passion for reliable machines.

Digitization of concrete block production.

"My Milestone protects you from losing your recipe and process data."

One of our smart concrete heads, Markus Feix, has developed a solution that saves your concrete block production from recipe and plant data loss: Masa Smart Backup.

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Many companies still manage technical documentation in a traditional way.

„My milestone makes your technical documentation and spare parts catalog available anytime and anywhere.“

Alexandra Bockhorst, one of our smart concrete heads, has been instrumental in moving the MasaDoc project forward. She has developed a quick access for your team to all information for their maintenance work.

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Continuously assessing the degree of wear is essential for high plant uptime.

„My milestone increases the availability of your mixers.“

Our concrete head involved in the mixing process, Peter Meyer, has been working to reduce wear on stressed components and improve maintenance operations to increase mixer availability.

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Advantages of a Masa concrete block production plant: Individual, sustainable investment solutions.

Since the day we were founded, we have made our influence in significant developments for the building materials industry. Our concepts, machines and plants, which have demonstrated their worth for many years, can quickly be updated or expanded.

Our basic philosophy is: to provide flexible and intelligent solutions by which we, as partners, are dedicated to making our customers successful.

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